matt pond PA

Your Dreams

A dream — as far as I see it — is anything you see in your subconscious. A hope, a desire, a vision. It can be the loose narratives of a deep sleep, it can be the wandering mind in a noisy coffee shop. It can be anything as long as it points to some kind of meaning or realization.

Please use the form below to send us a recording, a transcript and/or any documentation of your deepest, truest visions, desires or feelings. If you’re recording your voice — into your phone or your computer’s microphone — try to give your recording a little space at the beginning and end.

These dreams will have to resonate with us. They will have to make sense to us, in order to make sense.

Sometimes, there are collaborations that go nowhere. But even if we can’t make it work with you specifically, we tried. We tried together — to make our dreams come true.