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In honor of our of our December shows, we’d like to share a fresh performance of a song from our upcoming set list. (Whilst this living room performance is just me and Chris, our full band including Shawn Alpay, Sammi Niss and Tre Hester will be along with us for the live shows.)


We are hereby inviting you all to make musical suggestions on our Facebook page — we’ll definitely perform the songs with the most noted votes. We would love to see you somewhere on the east coast, and we’d love to play the jams you prefer.

More! The Glow is now up on Spotify!

(To coincide with the aforementioned streaming release, we’ve put together a few playlists. Links are below!)

Our Winter Lives pre-order is on the stove and cooking. These offers won’t stay up forever, so please act now to be fully prepared for the oncoming season.

Lastly, we returned home from our mini-Icelandic epic last week, shooting footage for an upcoming video. If you’d like to read more about that, travel here.

This is a continuing attempt to use the internet for good, communication and connection. A bewildered, slow dance with the heart and soul of humanity. Yes.

Thank you for both reading and listening! M.

Sleepwalking Cheetah.
For the Love of Frigg.
Stand By Your Life.
Cinematic Peaches.
Solo Shakes.
Hot Evenings With Hans.
Sidewalk Shufflers Unite.
A Large Pebble.
Past Lives.
Cutting Dirt.
Night Grooves.