matt pond PA

Howdy and Hello!

On August’s sweltering doorstep, we want to give you a glimpse of the cover to our upcoming winter collection. (Thank you, Jenna Casey. For both the arts and the crafts!) If we can get it done in time, we’ll be releasing it in the late fall.

If we cannot get it done in time, Chris and I will be wrestling. For our lives.

We’d also like to give away a free song today (and for one week only). It’s called Someone’s Daughter, and it’s from the soundtrack to Lebanon, PA, a little movie Chris and I scored in 2010. We hope it hits the right notes to float your summertime boats. (I might have just hit the keyboard with my forehead.) Download the track here.

That, along with the rest of the score, will be available for our supporters to download through Patreon.

(If you’re interested in this baloney, there are also exclusive videos, unheard demos, full albums, insights, pictures, participation and ideas that aren’t anywhere else. I promise that it’s a blast, blast, blast. Or something like that. Yes.)

We are excited in all the humblest ways to be moving ahead.

Because honestly, we just came here to rock with you.

Thank you! m.