matt pond PA

Happy Tuesday!

Last night, our song Whoa premiered on’s Best Songs of November! It’s a heartfelt hot potato from our upcoming album, Winter Lives.

For any of you carefree professors out there, the full title of the song is Whoa (Thirteen and Sledding With Kerry in Northern New Hampshire). One of my favorite memories from my wild, wild youth.

The album’s release is less than two weeks away, and it’s still available for pre-order here.

And we’ll be playing Whoa, along with countless blasts from the past, on the road in December. Dates, venues and ticket links are here.

People. Putting out this album is a non-sarcastic thrill for me and Chris. We fully appreciate your minds, ears and everything else that makes all of this come true. Thank you! m. & c.

P.S. On Thursday we’ll be giving away an unrelated hot potato. If you’re interested, check the website or Facebook later this week for a download link. Yes!