matt pond PA

We will be periscoping the house show we’re playing in Cleveland tomorrow. I believe we’re set to rock softly at 8:30 EST. That is, unless Chris has another one of his turbulent costume changes. Follow us on Twitter to grab the link.

This will be the last show we’ll be playing in public for some time. (There are whispers of a cello house tour in the fall. But the wind isn’t always a reliable source of information.)

In Cleveland, we’ll also be picking up 500 pounds of misplaced merchandise. Next week, these items will be available on Patreon at half their original price. A store will be up shortly.

Misplacement, misbehavior, mismanagement, misguidedness, misunderstanding — these are the negative spaces that we’ve chosen to fill in with the full-on optimized optimism of our new bearing. (You’re invited to virtually kick me whenever I sound like a salesmen. The truth is that I’m honestly excited to extract myself from all these terrible entities I daftly trusted. And further, to be able to move forward.)

We’ve also uploaded more free music from an early self-released album for patrons.

Please pardon me if I ever sound like a broken album. But there is meaning in constructing and controlling a positive realm for making music. Right?

Life is strange. But life is good.

I hope you are all well. Yes! m.