matt pond PA

Let’s do the time warp again. (Or at least the subtle and strange sway that seems to be second nature in some of these blasts from the past.)

I’m presently cruising up through New Hampshire and Vermont, to the spots that were woven into my earlier years.

The short expedition will culminate in one of the greatest cities in the world, Montreal. Therefore, in an attempt to softly cut footloose, Chris and I also tried a little This is Montreal.

I don’t want to wholly dwell in the bygone days of butter churning and dirt road car-racing. I mostly prefer the headlong launch into the future. But until agreements expire this summer, we’re applying a degree of self-control in the face of the forces of darkness.

Here’s to visions, revisions and the positive powers of fate. Yes! m.

* There’s always more stuff to unravel over here.
** I dove into the abstractions of approaching the future here.
*** Next month, there will be more clarity. And possibly some Summer is Coming as well.