matt pond PA

Hello! I’m currently chasing apples with the brilliant folks at Shacksbury. Typing on a ladder is not easy! But we have a few sweet announcements!

First, for the second year we’re participating in Bailey’s Café’s annual silent auction to raise money for the Brooklyn-based organization that provides intergenerational arts programming to school-aged kids in New York City. My sister is a co-chair on the board of directors, and I am all for trying to get kids involved in the arts. (Personally, books and songs saved my life.)

Our offering in this year’s auction is two handwritten lyric sheets of any of my/our songs. To the highest bidder, I will personalize them in the manner of their choosing. And of course all proceeds support Bailey’s mission and continued programming.

Second, we’re giving away five copies of Still Summer and five copies of Winter Lives (in the format of your choosing) to the first ten people who follow the link here! We fully encourage you to respond with reckless abandon!

Third, we’ll be giving away a free EP in a few shakes of a lamb’s tail. We’re calling it Free Fall. (I apologize for the obviousness of my existence.)

Above all, we’re on mission to end animosity between human beings. As maladroit and confused as Chris and I can be, we can only make sense of this wild world by giving what we’ve got to give.

I hope you are all excellent. Yes! m.