matt pond PA

(Here’s a live version of Measure 3 from my living room. And if you’re asking, the answer is yes, I still strongly choose to rock.)

I wrote The Green Fury as a eulogy to a friend of mine from high school. He was younger and maybe even more awkward than me. But he was a force of nature unto himself, rarely shutting up or stopping to think about anything within his path. A pure, unbroken beast.

I’d never put my un-patterned thoughts so directly inside anything I’d written or sung. Because that’s the only way to summon pure, unbroken beasts.

(We’ve released The Green Fury with annotations and extra videos on Patreon, if you’re interested.)

Up until now, I’ve distanced myself from some of the music I’ve made. There’s no end to the critics and the second-guesses flashing up on the teletype in the Times Square of my mind.

But I’ve decided it’s time to stop trying to escape my body and my brains. (I mean, really, it’s not so bad in here. It’s heated and I get to drink as much coffee as I want.)

I also get to speak and be spoken to. By you. Thanks for listening to my baloney. m.