matt pond PA

The first single from our next album, Still Summer, is premiering on NPR today! Which makes this the official announcement of our next album.

And with that, we’re launching a pre-order! Please feel free to go nuts.

The cover was shot by the amazing Amy Toensing, the layout and design by the incredible Jenna Casey. The release date is August 11! Yes!

Everything created for this album goes way beyond me. Still Summer was built with the extraordinary talent and devotion of the best people I know — I’m both awed and honored.

And there is you. Fine human beings with brilliantly strange minds. We share similar sunset visions of hope and understanding, all within a modestly monumental summer moment. Without you, I’m just making vinyl frisbees to throw at the setting sun. 180-gram, 12-inch discs taking flight from the highest point of my roof. Dancing alone with a silent radio while the day turns dark.

Thank you for listening. That’s everything.

Yes! m.