matt pond PA


I recently returned from a week of weeding and rocking out with my mom in New Brunswick. We set fires, lit bottle rockets, watched eagles soar — listening to classic rock while the tempestuous waves crashed and the Canadian beer flowed.

She’s the reason I’m alive. And along with The Beatles, she’s the reason I first became mindlessly moonstruck by music. Thank you, mom!

In this video, we’re taking Still Summer for a spin. The original duo, all the way from the heart of New Hampshire!

If you’d like to pre-order the album, please feel free. Or if you’d like hear some more music before you jump in, I totally get it. (Nevertheless, Chris Hansen and all our excellent friends have put everything we’ve got into this summertime beast. And sometimes, sometimes you have to leap without looking.)

Thank you for reading these words and listening to the tunes. And mom, thank you for everything!

Here’s to summer! Yes! m.