matt pond PA

Good evening! It’s been a stunning summer day here in the Hudson Valley. The brazen August sun, permeating every inch of our world below with a wily golden embrace, slipping sideways into the arms of brush and trees — down, down into our lush memories.

Upon this noble peak of the week, I’ve come to realize that every season comes and goes, every dawn goes down to day and nothing gold can stay. (I’ve lifted a few bits and pieces from Messrs Frost and Hinton for this post. Pardon.)

The only valuable piece of information that I’ll carry with me through eternity is that I know almost nothing. And that I live in a world that is mostly beyond my control.

That being said, if no appropriate video appears for The Ballad of Laura and Mike, I swore to tape myself to the top of my van and drive through the country with my great friend, Chris Hansen.

Therefore, I’m extending the window for submission a few more days. I am leaving the door open for a moment more — if you have a video in the works for the ballad of Laura and Mike, please send it our way.

Because another fate is coming up fast; I have already purchased four rolls of heavy duty duct tape and I’m ready roll.

Stay gold, ponypeople. Stay gold! m.