matt pond PA

Heyo! Our latest band member, Brynn, has begun to vocalize better than (ahem) other lead singers in our ensemble.

Kids and life, they can create unwanted messes. That’s why we’re including a Go Where The Leaves Go dish towel/cloth poster in every previous and future Gigantic pre-order bundle! Surprise!

There’s more! We forgot to mention that each Deer Apartments and Free Fall cassette tape will come with a printed and signed lyric sheet AND a hi-res download code! We’ll begin shipping on or about November 16. Once that happens, we’ll remove the pre-order deals and replace them with every album, t-shirt, cassette, tote and dish towel/cloth poster we have available.

We hope you all are enjoying Free Fall and Deer Apartments! The feedback is wildly appreciated. Still, it’s hard to wrangle all the angles of setting albums free. We are a modest operation, but we are rich in spirit. If you ever have an issue with anything in the world, please reach out to us. We’re open to it all!


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