matt pond PA


We’re now going to fully recommence with the name Matt Pond PA. In celebration, we’ve softly rocked the song East Coast E. for you.

We’ll also share a glass of champagne and play a short set on Periscope through our Twitter account on Friday at 9pm EST. (The amazing musician Caroline Reese will start things off with a few songs of her own. Caroline is an incredibly talented songwriter with a beautiful voice. This is going to be a proper party!)

During the transmission we might pause to answer computer questions, if anyone far away is feeling candidly casual in their summer slacks.

The reason for the festivities: It’s been a year since we released The State Of Gold. And while we fully believed in that album, we signed a couple terrible contracts with some slippery beasts. Those agreements terminate on June 30th! (A few more words are shed on the subject over here.)

Starting July, we’re going to record a Holiday EP/LP and re-record Still Summer — rebuilding our small canoe of bird calls and striking out into the uncharted future. We’ll try to keep you aware of our baloney both here and on

There will be even more baloney over on Patreon, where we are no longer The Lowlifes — we are only ourselves. (I know that subscription-based support for a couple of dingdong musicians may not seem like your favorite way of spending money. Still, I believe we’ve really accumulated and achieved a lot over there. Tons of free music, exclusive videos, pics, physical correspondence, discounts on merch and rambling dreams about what it means to search for what can never be known. There will also be vinyl offers on our upcoming releases!)

I’m not totally certain what we’re doing on this planet. But we’re doing it.

Along this strange and amazing field-trip, your participation is both welcome and appreciated.

Thank you very much for reading and listening. Si! m.