matt pond PA

Today, our More Winter Lives EP premieres on KCRW! All the way from the hazy and sublime City of Angels.

We’re honored to feature the incredible Laura Burhenn/Mynabirds and the astounding Steady Holiday. The sly genius of Sammi Niss, the bold strokes of Shawn Alpay, the true touch of Chris Turco. And, of course, the always-amazing Chris Hansen.

Chris will soon be a father. I know he’s going to be one of the great ones. His ability to tolerate me is the incontrovertible proof. Here’s to Chris!

As we head into the heart of the holidays, we’re saying goodbye with everything we’ve got. This EP, these shows. We’re excited to live in this moment. We’re excited for the subsequent moments, too. Here’s to the horizon! And what it holds for all of us!

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