matt pond PA


To celebrate the first official day of summer and in anticipation of our upcoming album, Still Summer — we’re giving away two songs on Brooklyn Vegan today — a Double Freeture! Download both tracks here.

We’re also fully stoked to post our first fall tour dates! With support from Wild Pink And J Fernandez!

A Double Freeture. This is for the heatseekers looking for some solid gold sunlight. The late-night cyclists, dipping into cool pockets of river air on pitchblack back roads. This is for the stargazers, firestarters, thunder-runners, rock scramblers and the thrill-seeking book lovers. This for the brave swimmers who have zero fear. And for the easily startled souls, who believe everything underwater is Jaws.

This is for anyone who wants to download and listen. Because these days, genuine listening is just about everything.

This is free. THANK YOU! m.

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