matt pond PA

Hello, people of the fall!

The air is cooling, the leaves are converting into their vivid autumnal identities and we believe it’s time for us to make some noise once again!

First up — we’ve been collaborating with the brilliant visual artist Eva Magill-Oliver on a project tentatively titled An Orchestrated Impulse. Eva’s creating twelve pieces of artwork, and we’re writing twelve instrumental compositions in twelve keys. Across mediums, these works will be created by seeing and hearing each other, specifically reacting and interacting with what we’re all trying to convey.

This project is born of a true, mutual admiration and the desire to articulate that connection in the languages we each know best.

For those of you who love theory, this is somewhat similar to a sonic game of telephone: Starting with a motif in the key of C and moving in fifths across the twelve keys, each successive movement is written in response to the piece that immediately precedes it harmonically, ignoring the others. Each piece varies in length and is played on a loop, and when all are engaged, an infinite round is created in every key at once, unified by the evolving motif.

If this doesn’t make sense, we hear you. As the project develops, we’ll let you know where we’re at. We’ll eventually present this body of work in the physical world AND in some kind of interactive digital representation.

FURTHER, we’ll be releasing some NEW free music and reasonably priced merchandise later in the month. And as always, if you’re inclined to follow our journey more closely, you can join us over on Patreon.

Chris and I both hope you all are excellent! Yesss! Matt