matt pond PA

Hello, friends.

Before we go any further, we would legitimately like to see things the way you see them.

In that pursuit, please snap, click, shoot and post your hearts out. Hashtag your photo #mattpondPAfallagain and the most appealing image will be posted on our social soap boxes.

More than that, the winner will get the original Night Moves pre-order package of Winter Lives: the album on 12” white vinyl (with digital download card) or CD, a Winter Lives tour poster, a Winter Lives t-shirt, a personalized postcard, a button and a sticker.

We’ll be releasing our More Winter Lives EP next Tuesday the 21st. While these soon-to-be songs and upcoming shows will be the lasts, I’m choosing to dive into the unknown with as much euphoric fearlessness as I can summon. All you metaphysical thrillseekers are invited to dive with me.

The picture above was taken by our good friend Diana Michalski at Dells Mill in Augusta, Wisconsin on October 17, 2017. She’s an amazing person I’ve gotten to know through this music. (Please allow the simple sentiment of the following sentence to sink in: I’m shocked and honored to be able to do this baloney — and to do it with you.)

Our most recent rehearsal was a full-on blast. Every first has to kick off with a last. Yes!

Thank you! m.

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