matt pond PA

Hello. My name is Matthew Pond. Or Matt Pond. Or sometimes Matt Pond PA. For now, we’ll operate under our temporary name, The Lowlifes.

What we’d like to do from here on out — is cut out the middleman. Because the middleman often leaves us bewildered. And if you like what we do, this will allow us to keep moving forward. Even if it’s just writing music for us to hear, inside this space.

Every month, we’ll be offering updates through our Patreon site. In the form of a rough new song. Or videos of what we’re up to. Or maybe even one of these Google hangouts. You’re billed monthly. So if you want out at any time, please feel no obligation to continue participating — a one-time contribution is honestly appreciated. We’ll continue to put forward new offers as time goes by. Please stay tuned.

We’re doing this because we want to keep doing this. We’re doing this because after all these years, I realize the interaction is what it’s all about.

Chris and I may not do this forever. We may try our hand at making whiskey. But while we continue to do it — even under a strange new name — we’d really appreciate your help in making it happen.

We will always keep you posted about what’s next. Thank you. For everything. It really means a lot to us.