matt pond PA

Today we bring you looks and listens. (If you’re busy or you need to stare at the sky for the rest of the day, I totally understand.)

Brody McGee and Chris Lane put together this initial preview of a mini-doc they’re doing about me/us.¬†(Brody is my imperious nephew and their production company is called Scalabrin Cousins.)

And Folkadelphia Radio and WXPN released a live session from last year today. From the write-up:

“It was fresh around the release of The State of Gold and the tenth anniversary of Several Arrows Later that we at Folkadelphia were privileged to record this live session with Matt Pond PA. The band had recently been robbed of precious musical equipment while on tour, but still came out to hang with us for a while. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for doing that.”

Thank you! yes. m.