matt pond PA

Hello, party people!

Next Saturday, December 1st at 8pm EST! You are all invited to join us over the internet for our only show this year! A one-stop tour in the middle of my house! We’ll be broadcasting live from my living room on Radio Kingston WKNY 1490 and on Facebook Live.

We’ll start with a set from Ami Madeleine, a true, true talent from the southern nation of New Paltz, NY.

Then, a modest collection of our own material. (Please pardon any prior miscommunications or references to the Eagles — my sense of humor resembles an air conditioner on full blast in the middle of an arctic winter.)

* We have free music for you here.
** We have merchandise until the end of December here.
*** We have everything and all the extras here.
**** And there are mental meanderings here.

I hope you are all excellent!!! matt