matt pond PA

Hello! On the last day of summer and at the dawn of our tour, here’s short musical film about never-ending summer and the eternal love of tortoises.

A man, a tortoise and the summit of summer. To me, this love story writes itself. Crazy, true love that transcends traditional thoughts of dates, cakes, rings, strings and respectable ways.

Jesse Dufault, Jamie Dufault and Nora Eschenheimer introduced me to the most amazing tortoise puppet I’ve ever met. I dove in all the way and we just let the camera roll. They are the true geniuses here.

During the shoot, there were crowds surrounding most of the scenes. Folks with flip flops and cinnamon skin, shouting at me while I sang to the tortoise. But our crew was tight. And all the distraction heightened my belief in what we were doing, honestly increasing the intensity of my affection.

I think haters have always made me fight harder. Adversity is a test I’ll keep taking ’til the sun sets forever. Especially when it comes to breathtaking tortoises and the dog days of summer. And in these last few moments of the season, let us not forget its genius. The only true wealth, the golden dusk at the end of a perfect day.

Also. I lost my phone during last night’s load-out. If anyone has it, I’ll give you a million dollars. We can sail away together on my imaginary yawl, drinking cider and playing shuffleboard in the aforementioned golden dusk. Letting go of time and our minds. Letting go of all the unnecessary distractions — fearlessly trading guitar solos on the bow of our exalted, make-believe boat.

(Thank you all for being real. Yes! m.)