matt pond PA

Hello and happy holidays!

Last night, Chris and I had a couple beers to celebrate another year of rocking softly. As the calendar winds down to an end, we’ll soon be pursuing some fresh new endeavors — new songs, new collaborations, radio times, snow wrestling and, of course, the dreams we all share.

Please note — some items in our store are running low and we’ll be taking everything down, including the free tracks, in one week!

Tomorrow, we’ll be transmitting a new episode of In Dreams from Kingston, NY at Radio Kingston. The show concerns fermenters and distillers — but the true truth lies in their thoughts and visions. The circuitous routes we all take in order to achieve our dreams. The shows are archived here:

Tonight, our friends from the Key of Q a cappella chorus will be at the Hudson Valley LGTBQ Center in Kingston, NY for a special holiday performance. You are all invited!

Here’s video of the Key of Q Chorus with their amazing version of our song, Snow Day from Colony in Woodstock, just this week.

We hope you are all excellent! Yes. matt

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