matt pond PA

(The pic above is a moment from a session we did for Relix last fall. The song we performed, Spaceland, is both my favorite on The State of Gold and the most funereal. Because I guess that’s how I like it?)

Our old label, Polyvinyl, has granted us permission to give away the music we released with them on Patreon. (As a precursor today, I’m setting another EP free. A relic from 2001, I Thought You Were Sleeping.)

Thank you very much, people of Polyvinyl!

That’s huge. And for not only this but also for their continuing history of putting out great music with honor, they get the most massive cheer that my still-beating heart has to offer.

Next week, I’ll post The Green Fury along with a handful of meanderings through the dells and drifts in my mind.

Meanderings. If I were to extract the long history of my mistakes and release it for public amusement, there would be a lengthy interlude about how I should’ve tried my damnedest to continue releasing records with Polyvinyl.

Simply, they’re some of the only folks in the music business that haven’t tried to screw me/us over. Or worse, own us to ignore us.

I don’t believe we exist to be exploited. This should be a fundamental tenet of labels/management and all existential baloney outright. But it would seem that the opposite has become acceptably, even expectably, elemental. In fact, some of the smallest labels known to science will try to stab you in the back, the front and anywhere they can see the slightest glimmer of cupronickel.

If you have any spare cupronickel, please spend it on excellent bands atop virtuous labels like Polyvinyl.

Thank you. And yes. m.