matt pond PA

It’s my everlasting belief that we’re all explorers.

From my living room, here’s the last song from The Nature of Maps, Athabasca. A choreographed expansion on some of some of those earlier expeditions.

And in the midst of spring and on the cusp of the swimming season, here’s a fireside sketch of Summer is Coming.

The song was always supposed to be an orchestrated explosion of hope and liberation. (Even though there’s only two of us in my modest living room and we’re not engulfed in fake smoke on a multi-tiered stage, please trust that my heart and lungs are fully volcanic.)

At the height of the summer, we’ll be free from all the obligations (tentacles) of our previous business partners (monsters). That’s when we’ll be back with properly positive diagrams and maps of the future.

Until then, we’ll continue discussing blue jeans, deep dreams and music on Patreon.

(The Nature of Maps will be over there for download in about a week, along with notes explaining how each song traveled from A to B.)

My compass may be in need of some fine tuning — the wilderness is a wild place.

But I’m never stopping. And I would like to believe the same is true for you, as well.

Here’s to our unceasing adventures!

Yes! m.