matt pond PA

Let’s take a moment to simultaneously celebrate all those things that are truly awesome!

Pickles, popcorn, women and music! (Please pardon the avalanche exclamation points.)

Gifts! We have half of our merchandise up here. Next week, we’ll be uploading the rest.

Also. We’ve uploaded and annotated the album Measure for free downloading, streaming for our patrons here. Join us over at Patreon to get access. (In addition, patrons get a discount code for the aforementioned merchandise.)

With the cynical bones that you and I share, it’s obvious that there’s degree commerce attached to some of my shoutings. That may be true.

But all these things I’ve made matter to me. And if you’re reading these words, they might matter to you, too.

In most ways, I’ve always written music to connect. As time moves forward, I’m wielding every tool in my metaphysical belt to inspirit the bonds between us all.

I sincerely hope these words make some kind of sense. Thank you. For reading, listening, supporting.
And thank you very much for women.

(If anyone knows the show at which this picture was snapped, please remind my lightheaded mind.)
Yes! m.