matt pond PA


This is one of those minor missives in between the mountains of baloney, down in the valley between albums and tours.

I wrote a small piece in this excellent publication.

If you’ll allow me a few more breathless words, the precipice I’m trying to reach with both words and music is that there might be a better way.

I’m the last one to point it out with any kind of high-mindedness. Up until recently, I loved spending holidays alone with frozen dinners under a fortress of blankets.

But there is a choice in how and what we consume. Food, music and everything.

With all the ways that our lives have become easier and easier, it might just be the perfect time to take control and seek out localized modes/means of consumption.

Or not. Our existence is already hard enough to unravel. My words might just be making a further mess of it all. (It’s definitely happened on many late nights in upstate New York.)

Mostly, I merely hope you’re well. m.