matt pond PA


Here we are, back from finishing a whole bunch of baloney. We’ve mastered and tested and begun pressing. We have slid all the beads across the abacus. We are fully showered and ready for what’s next!

First things first. Before too much is said, prior to any official announcements — we’re going to offer our supporters at Patreon a 10% discount on a limited-access pre-preorder here. (Pardon anything oblique. It’ll all become clear soon!)

If you’re not familiar, Patreon is the subscription-based platform we’ve used to keep the momentum and conversation going. Song thoughts, demos, mixes and remixes. Questions and answers. All that baloney.

If you’re skeptical — I hear you. In some ways, I am with you. I singlehandedly invented the internet eyeroll. (It’s documented. In an extremely prestigious science journal. The name of which escapes my memory.) It’s merely this: There is another universe inside this universe, and everyone is welcome to ride along. (Spring and summer have apparently begun turn me into a temporary hippie. Pardon.)

Any way you choose, we appreciate you.

We’re just about to hit summertime at full speed. Thank you for helping to make it happen. More shortly!

YES! m.