matt pond PA

Today we’re releasing our video for the song Canada from our final matt pond PA full-length, Still Summer. Shot on the shores of the Passamaquoddy Bay in New Brunswick, it’s a simple tribute to the constant innocence and hope of being a human being.

Canada has always held a million meanings. All these places — and the people within them. We are sincerely looking forward to these fast approaching hot rock nights.

In DC, my life began. We slept in the van before our first show in Baltimore. Pittsburgh is the rough charmer that begat Andy Warhol, the city that showed me how to toughen up on stage. We once opened for Liz Phair in Toronto, hiding out in a small apartment in Kensington Market. Montreal is where I learned to dance all night with other human beings. My younger days were filled with trips to Boston, the confusing streets, the strange and beautiful accents. New York was my first real home. I learned how to believe in myself and my songs in Brooklyn.

And Kingston is my home. The first capital and the last stop.

I’m playing these shows with people I truly admire and love. This is all amazingly heavy, this is all purely amazing. We hope to see you soon!