matt pond PA


I love it when a plan — and a band — comes together!

We are wicked pleased to announce Leslie Sisson and her band, Moving Panoramas, will be joining us for these upcoming shows (exclamation point!).

Leslie was a brilliant part of the PA experience for years. Side by side, we battled many a skyline as axe-wielding bandmates, slaying sleepy weeknights with our steadfast friendship and love of hotel vending machines.

Even better, Leslie contributed heavily to the approaching Winter Lives album and will be a part of the ensemble for these December shows.

Winter Lives is pre-orderable here.

Our show dates are here.


Here’s a little video of The Glow, our first Winter Lives single, from my modest living room. Another song we’ll be playing out on the east coast in less than two months.

Thanks for your support. Yes! m.