matt pond PA

Hello, kindred summertime spirits!

Here’s a video about a Matt Pond Pale Ale we made with our amazing friends at Against The Grain Brewery​ in Louisville, Kentucky!

To celebrate, Chris​ and I are going to softly rock a few songs outside this evening on Facebook Live at 8pm EST, wherein we will swig this beer for the first time! (Please feel free to holler at us. We believe we’ve mastered the internet enough to answer your questions and chat like genuine amateurs.)

Also! Our cover of Drive by The Cars has been posted over at Cover Me​ today! A song that truly speaks of fading summers and all its innocent erotic regrets.

I had a root canal yesterday, so I might be a little wobbly tonight. But that’s just a hiccup in the long journey of our shared existence. There are obviously bigger hurdles out there in the world — if anyone reading this has been hurt, disrupted or displaced by Harvey, you are welcome to be on the guest list for any of our Texas shows. (Please write a message to and we’ll make it so. You are most definitely on our minds as we hope for you all to persevere and eventually triumph.)

We are small potatoes in the universe. Still, we are potatoes with eyes, ears, brains and the ability to love. I heartily hope everyone reading these words is well!

Yes!!!! m.