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Ok. This could be gratuitous. Pardon. (Please feel free to blame Chris.)

But we are whipping through our merchandise stock and our holiday sale will end with December! So if you’d like any of our goods, you are welcome to go wild here.

ALSO! Saturday night at 8pm on Radio Kingston! We have an episode of In Dreams featuring some amazing brewers, winemakers and distillers — Todd Leopold, Rae Wilson, Jon Buford, Dave Smith and Jim Crooks! This show is about how they got to where they are. And how that’s where they want to be! (This is the first half of two shows concerning these incredible folks. Yes!)

You can stream the show at

It can be cold out there in the world. That’s why we offer this merchandise, the free downloads and the radio show — to be able to sing The Heat Is On and fully mean every single word.

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