matt pond PA

August 13, 2015


About a week ago, Chris and I recorded a singer-songwriter named Caroline Reese. I’d easily give up the metal in my leg for her songs and her voice.

It was actually so amazingly intense, it took some time to recover. I get totally lost in these finite and abstract processes of music and words.

Chris is the workhorse, annoyingly right and wonderfully wrong. Whereas I’m often “the wrong one.” But I know how to stand toe-to-toe with my wrongness and find corners of songs that other ears sometimes glance over.

If people can stand my cockeyed ways, Chris and I are considering doing this more often.

With that said, we can’t do anything extraordinary. We have a basic setup in my living room. There are periodic pauses for the passing motorcycles.

But what we can do is attempt to get the best you’ve got to give.

Performance. Nothing beats performance. If there’s something to be found in a voice, instrument and song — we believe we can help you find it.

This newly found belief is buttressed by my lifetime of swimming against my own currents. Waterlogged, yet proud of the journey.