matt pond PA

September 6, 2017

Transcendental Cynicism 1.

Whose yellow hair is this?

A stray organic filament of spun light on my sea green sleeve.

With summer starting to ebb, there is a cool rain. A reason to contrast, a reason to cover my rusty forearm.

I may not be passionately in love with parties. But I like it less when I’m sticking around at the end. In the presence of people who are a million miles away.

I like this rain because it talks to me while I worry. It’s laughing at the word worry when everything is still so lush and peaceful. It’s laughing at me. There is nothing to do except accept this graceful unicorn of stupidity, transcendental cynicism.

The hair is still there and I pray that I’m not a contaminated bite of food on some giant’s plate.