matt pond PA

August 8, 2017

Still Summer Cocktails

Legends After The Fall

Mezcal, Coconut, Lime, Hellfire Bitters

The smell of gasoline is the call to arms, the triumphant (car horn) alarm. As if we could beat the spin of the earth with just a little more speed, a little more cultivated chaos. A length-less, deepening dive, jumping off the dock into the cricket-filled darkness.

Still Summer

Vodka or Gin, Lemon, Grenadine, Campari, Soda, Mint

Trouble comes easy in the heat. You know it, the cops know it. The birds and squirrels won’t shut up about it in the sideways sun at dusk, all deep lemon and dusty gold. They roost on power lines and race tires within inches of their lives. Drunk on the memory of unforgettable love.

The Full Stop

Angostura Amaro, Aged Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Velvet Falernum, Mint

The Perseids rain down in the middle of August. If the moon steps aside and the skies stay clear, there’ll be brilliant, streaking kaleidoscopes across the Hudson River. Hands trace the arc down from the skyline to the neckline. Time stops, making out is always recommended. The menthol, lime, pineapple lips.


Rye Whiskey, Maple, Orange & Peychaud Bitters, Absinthe

Two somebodies that nobody knows wake up in the bed of a pickup truck. Their hair is tangled, filled with strange citrus and broken pieces of brown maple leaves. Their breath perfumed with the previous night’s whiskey. Two somebodies that nobody knows stay hidden in the shifting shadows, one step ahead of the summer, ahead of regret, ahead of any terrestrial power that would ever dare to (try and) stop them.