matt pond PA

November 3, 2015

North by Northwest.

We cut out of San Francisco in the spitting rain and fog. Lush and green in the rearview from the recent rain. Up along the tan grasses outside Red Bluff and Redding, along the steady edge of Northern California Coastal Range. The red beaches and deep blue green waters of Lake Shasta. Swirling clouds hanging onto the sides of the jagged mountains, the serpentine roads.

Through the best skies I’ve ever seen. Orange, blue and black, all at once. Foreboding and breathtaking, it’s hard to steer straight when the heavens are exploding in every direction.

Down, down into the piney silhouettes and murky ink of the Portland nightfall.

Today’s roller coaster was a brilliant beauty. But even the upcoming midwest plains have an intrinsic thrill. The unbending roads, the rolling cornfields, the flat slate sky. My mind is free to roam wherever it wants in those endless open spaces.

With the curtain coming down on the horizon, every sight is a sight to see.