matt pond PA

July 10, 2015


I measure time in album releases, in two- to three-year cycles that tend to be out of sync with the rest of the world.

In much the same way, I have a habit of waking up when everyone else is falling asleep. And when I resurface, I have to catch up with everything that happened during my golden slumbers.

While making The Dark Leaves, we dove through several winters before coming back up with an album. I first starting recording with Chris in New Hampshire when the snowfall was especially brutal. With drifts that went halfway up the windows, our only option for exercise was stumbling, bundled walks to the lake. Anything to get the blood moving.

From New Hampshire, we went to Vermont, Louisville and, finally, Bearsville.

The newest album has taken us from Oakland to Bearsville, Maine, West Saugerties and finally, here in Kingston, NY.

I’m home here in my miniature fortress now. And a part of me truly believes that what’s next will thrive off of me being able to stay in one place.

I have no idea what that next season or cycle will be. But I’m ready for it.