matt pond PA

Winter Lives (Digital)

We’re uncertain where this winding world is going to take us in the end. But everything within this process has been an effort initiated and enacted by ourselves. From the first scrawls and warbles of primeval songs to the complete physical product that you’re reading right now. Perhaps imperfect, yet one hundred percent ours. And yours. Thank you.


  1. In Winter
  2. The Glow
  3. A Candle and a Deck of Cards
  4. Fotzepolitic
  5. Force of Nature
  6. Sunset at the Gas Pump
  7. Whoa (Thirteen and Sledding with Kerry in Northern New Hampshire)
  8. Leggings in the Living Room
  9. Dirty Looks
  10. Used to Be
  11. Winter Lives
  12. The Forest of Frost on the Windshield