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Last Light

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CDs are small plastic saucers that contain digitized music.

CDs also make great coasters or shims for wonky table legs.

(Last Light was full of fights. But it was also when I got to know Chris. He assisted on the session while I constantly questioned him about my sanity.)


  1. Last Light
  2. People Have a Way
  3. Locate the Pieces
  4. Wild Girl
  5. Honestly
  6. Taught to Look Away
  7. Sunlight
  8. Basement Parties
  9. Until the East Coast Ends
  10. Foreign Bedrooms
  11. The Crush
  12. Giving It All Away
  13. Curves in the Road
  14. It’s Not So Bad at All

I wrote Wild Girl in a hotel in Newport, RI. Although it took less than an hour, I wish I could summon that seaside power just one more time.

I met Chris Hansen while recording this album. He played the piano on Until the East Coast Ends, which caused a lion’s uproar in our band. (It was a good uproar. The best.)

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12″ Vinyl, CD